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Magnetic Water Conditioner Installation

Magnetic Water Softener Installation

In an effort to keep costs as low as possible, and to allow more photos and explanations in the instructions, we are providing them on-line only. They can be printed or simply read and reviewed before and during installation. Please call us at 208-773-1723 if you have any questions about you're specific installation.

CAUTION! These units have very strong magnets. If you have a pacemaker or similar device, DO NOT HANDLE THE PACKAGE OR THE SOFTENERS! Have someone else install the units for you. After they are installed, don't get within 3' of the units - be safe.

Caution: EXTREME PINCHING HAZARD!We strongly suggest wearing gloves when placing these devices! Also, due to the strength of the magnets, keep metal objects at least 2 feet away from the magnets, as objects may jump from a surprising distance! Do not let the magnets come together (except the Mini softeners) as the total pulling force is 140 pounds. It is very hard to separate them.

Magnetic Water Conditioner Installation

Installing one of our softeners is very easy and does not require tools (if your water lines are copper or plastic). Place 2 of them 6 to 12 inches apart  (if you have room) on the cold water line where it enters the home (before the 1st tee). Below are pictures showing the steps.

Remove wing nuts from the magnetic unitAll our magnetic water treatment assemblies ship with double nuts on the back half - remove the wing nuts.









Separate the halves of the magnetic water treatment unit Pull the back half off and set it at least 8 inches away from the front half. These can jump several inches!









Place 1/2 of the magnetic softener on the pipe Place front half over the pipe. Note: If your pipe is less than 3/4" in diameter you may need to remove the extra set of nuts.

Then put the back half on, if your pipe is over 3/4" in diameter the 2nd set of nuts will keep the units apart and let you slowly lower the back down to the pipe.










installed magnetic water conditionerOnce the back unit is touching the pipe, use the wing nuts to lock the plates in position - just finger tight. Make sure the pipe is centered between the magnets.










Galvanized Pipe Note:If you have galvanized pipe, you need to replace a 2-3 foot section of it with copper or PVC pipe to mount the devices on. Galvanized pipe will cause the magnetic force to spread along the pipe, so we can't recommend installing our magnetic softeners on it.



magnetic softener on hot water tankHot Water Tank Booster 
One magnetic water softener is installed on the output line of the hot water tank. If both pipes on the top of the tank feel the same temperature, run the hot water at a sink for a minute, now the output line should be very warm. This will regenerate the magnetic conditioning force that has been reduced due to heat and time in the hot water tank. Each (if you have more than 1) hot water tank needs one.







mini magnetic unitMini Softener Installation

These are attached to the water pipe or tubing, using the same method as shown above. They are attached to the water pipe or tubing, using the same method as shown above. Shown here are just 4 of the common uses for the Minis. Under the sink on the line to your dishwasher, on the water line to a spare bath toilet, on the ice maker line on the fridge, and as a booster for the shower.  As the calcium/lime is being dissolved, large calcium chips could plug up small equipment and restrict flow until the build up is completely dissolved; clean equipment as appropriate.







After The Installation

Hot Water Tank
drain 2-3 gallons from the hot water tankWe recommend that you drain 2 to 3 gallons of water from your tank every 4 weeks until the water runs clear. This may take several months depending on how much scale is built up in your tank.    After it runs clear, repeat once every 6 months to 1 year. This is a picture of the bottom of a typical hot water tank. Attach a garden hose to the hose bib (garden hose connector) to drain some water.


clean particals from the aeratorFaucets and Showerheads 
When the magnetic water softeners have been installed for a week or more, the hard water scale will soften and begin to come out the faucets. You may have tiny pieces begin to gather in the faucet aerators. Simply remove the aerator and flush backwards with water. Showerheads should slowly begin to have increased flow if they had calcium buildup. To the right is a picture showing aerator removal.

Magnetic Water Treatment

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